İğdenişantaşı started to create a brand with a modern wardrobe, which was established in 2016 in Göksu Passage, and a complete wardrobe that is equally comfortable and stylish, recognizing its real life and challenges.

The style, which has been going on for a descriptive brand in its style in Nişantaşı for more than 4 years, has remained true to the founding values ​​of simplicity and quality. Each collection adopts these values ​​in its own style, with a long-lasting elegant elegance and soft sense of minimalism. We strive to eliminate unnecessary details, creating calm designs that have become favorite for day by day.

“By focusing on creating simple, well-designed, well-structured styles that meet a real need, we can promote the careful behavior necessary in this environmentally threatened world by contributing to the spread of a calm consumption perspective. shared its mission of handling from perspective

Since its launch,

women who want a modern, functional, thought-out design

Offering reinvented classics and wardrobe foundations, we will be proud to present our valued customers that will last the season. Traditional methods and new techniques combine to create timeless, understated collections. I vornisantasi.com

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